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Membership Cost

The Panhellenic Council is committed to facilitating honest and continued conversation about the obligations and investments of time, finances, and attention that are expected of active sorority members.


Membership dues cover many things such as national insurance, leadership development, chapter programming, and inter/national fees. The first semester of membership may cost more in comparison to following semesters due to one-time fees related to initiation, educational materials, and new member experiences. Potential new members should ask questions about membership costs before joining an organization in order to fully understand the financial expectations.

Average Costs for New Members

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New Member Dues only apply to the first semester of membership, e.g. the Spring semester if joining the chapter in January. After the first semester of membership, "new members" are considered active members and typically see reduced costs.


Questions about a specific chapter's finances should be directed to that chapter.

Chapter dues as listed are all-inclusive; items or categories cannot be opted out of.

What's included in the cost of membership?

Each chapter works with its national organization to review the chapter budget, set reasonable costs, and allocate funding as needed. Membership fees differ from chapter to chapter, but typically cover the following areas in varying amounts:

  • Leadership development opportunities (conferences, workshops, trainings, etc.)

  • Insurance and risk management resources from the national organization

  • Technological software and platforms from the national organization

  • Advising, coaching, and volunteer support from the national organization

  • New member education, materials, and initiation

  • Council programming (recruitment and other community-wide initiatives)

  • Chapter programming (sisterhood retreats, philanthropy events, educational programs, etc.)

There may be additional aspects to the full membership experience that are optional and not included in the chapter membership dues. These could include supporting other chapters' philanthropy events, informal coffee dates or meals with other chapter members, optional programming like Loved Ones' Weekend or social events, and chapter apparel including shirts, hats, stickers, or other accessories. 

What financial support is available?

Payment plans

All seven Panhellenic chapters offer payment plans of varying degrees for members over each semester, but the timelines and dates differ for each organization. A change in membership status, such as studying abroad, may impact the cost of membership per semester as well. Members are encouraged to communicate with their chapter leadership if they have concerns about meeting any financial obligations so that the chapter can help them explore all their options. 


Limited scholarships are available through the inter/national organizations and can be found through each sorority's website. Scholarships may be based on financial need, leadership experience, emergency relief, or other criteria.

Each year, if the budget allows, Panhellenic Council also provides a small number of scholarships to new and active members through an application process.

Other sources, such as alumnae groups or the National Panhellenic Conference, may also reach out with scholarship opportunities, which are shared with all chapters at Panhellenic Council meetings.

Average Costs for Active Members

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 11.49.06 AM.png

Active Member Dues apply to every semester following the first semester of membership until graduation.


Questions about a specific chapter's finances should be directed to that chapter.

Please see USD Membership Costs for more information. 

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