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Fall 2023



COB/Informal Recruitment is another great way to explore Panhellenic sorority membership! 


Spring 2024 COB/Informal Recruitment timeline:

January 29: first day chapters can host events

March 22 : last day chapters can offer bids

Chapter participation in COB/informal recruitment is decided at the beginning of each semester. It is unlikely that all seven chapters would participate in a semester.

Note that this process is not coordinated by Panhellenic, so all events and timelines will vary by chapter.


Registration Fee

There is no fee to participate in the COB/informal recruitment process!

Recruitment Eligibility Requirements: 

To participate in Panhellenic COB/informal recruitment:

  1. All students must submit the FSL Eligibility Check Form on ToreroOrgs. Note: you must be logged in with your USD credentials to access the form. 

  2. All students must have completed 12 units at USD prior to recruitment and must have at least a 2.70 cumulative GPA at USD. Transfer students in their first semester at USD must have successfully transferred 24 units; after their first semester at USD, transfer students must meet the same 12+ USD unit and GPA requirement as all other students.

  3. All students must complete the New Student Wellness Modules:

    • Diversity Inclusion and Belonging for Students

    • AlcoholEdu for College

    • Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

There will be no exceptions made for units completed or GPA. Any concerns, including University accommodations that may impact eligibility, must be addressed to DJ Mahoney at The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life will review the Eligibility Check Form and notify both the potential new member and their chapters of interest with an update on their eligibility.

Can I participate in COB/informal recruitment if I received a bid through primary recruitment?

- If you participated in the 2023 primary recruitment process at USD and did not receive a bid, you ARE eligible to participate in COB/informal recruitment immediately.

- If you participated in the 2023 primary recruitment process at USD and did receive a bid, you are NOT eligible to participate in any recruitment process at USD until the next primary recruitment (January 2024), even if you declined the bid or later withdrew from the chapter.

- If you have ever been initiated into a Panhellenic sorority, whether at USD or on another campus, you are not able to join any other Panhellenic sorority. If you are a member of a sorority that you joined at another school, and would like to be involved with the same sorority at USD, you should contact your chapter leadership or national sorority to ask about transfer affiliation procedures.

What is COB/Informal Recruitment?


COB stands for Continuous Open Bidding, also known as informal recruitment.

Each semester, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life works with the seven Panhellenic chapters to determine if any chapters have space on their rosters to recruit students outside of the Primary Recruitment process.

COB/informal recruitment is a less structured process than primary recruitment because it is hosted by individual chapters, not by the Panhellenic Council. Some chapters choose to host open recruitment events where anyone interested can attend, while other chapters choose to host invitation-only events.


What should you do if you are interested in COB/informal recruitment? You have many different options:

  • Reach out to any chapter(s) you are interested in (email, Instagram). All chapter social media accounts are listed in the bio of the @usdpanhellenic Instagram. Ask if you can be added to an interest list or if the chapter has any plans to participate in COB/informal recruitment.

  • Reach out to any individual members you know in chapters. Learn more about their experiences in sorority life and ask if the chapter is planning to participate in COB/informal recruitment. Don't worry about "dirty rushing" or getting in trouble for contacting active chapter women! Potential new members are encouraged to talk to current members and vice versa. The only "strict silence" period is the last day of primary recruitment.

  • Reach out to USD Panhellenic (email/Instagram). You can also request to join the COB Interest List, which is a list of potential new members shared with all chapters participating in COB/informal recruitment that semester.

Who can or should participate in COB/Informal Recruitment?


Instead of waiting all semester for primary recruitment in January, you could join a sorority through COB and immediately begin getting involved!


Student athletes, students working multiple jobs, and students with familial responsibilities might not be able to participate in a time-intensive process like primary recruitment. COB/informal recruitment is a much smaller time commitment with multiple opportunities to participate across a range of days and times.


While there are benefits to having a large, centralized experience like primary recruitment, it can also be stressful and exhausting. COB/informal recruitment events tend to have fewer people, be more laid back, and allow for more individualized attention.

Feeling Fancy at Formal Spring 2022

COB Testimony - Kali Villaluna


​My name is Kali Villaluna and I was Panhellenic’s VP of Recruitment Programming this past executive year. I was so honored to have a role on the Panhellenic Executive Board and have a voice in this past year’s recruitment process! With that being said, I had a unique journey to get to where I am today.

In 2021, I participated in Primary Recruitment all the way to the end and decided to single intentional preference, which means I chose to list only one sorority on my preference card. Unfortunately, I did not have the happiest Bid Day and was not given a bid from that sorority. But to this day, I do not regret my decision and believe that everything works out the way it should.

In the weeks after primary recruitment, I decided to participate in COB/informal recruitment and had a very positive experience talking to more Panhellenic women. I was able to receive a bid from the chapter I felt fit my personality and values the most. I am very grateful for my journey and to have the opportunity to share my story with more strong women.

My recommendation is to reach out to all 7 chapters if you are thinking of going through COB. You never know who will be participating, and it will give you more time to talk to more of the Panhellenic community.

I hope my story gave you all some insight on a slightly different yet happy perspective and path to finding a home and being a part of a wonderful Panhellenic community here at USD!

If you have any additional questions about COB or Primary Recruitment at all please feel free to email George Kobzeff at

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