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Basic Recruitment Information

What is Primary Panhellenic Recruitment?

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment is the process of a potential new member (PNM) meeting all Panhellenic chapters at USD, and finding the right sorority for her based on mutual values and interests. Primary Recruitment is a unique opportunity to learn about each chapter, meet the women involved in sorority life, as well as provide space for them to get to know the potential new members. Recruitment is based on mutual selection. Each day PNMs select the chapters that they feel align with their values best and the chapters select PNMs as well. Each day PNMs will attend fewer events than the day before, becoming steps closer to the best fit, new sisters, and a new home here at USD.

What is Informal Recuitment or COB?

At the University of San Diego, Informal Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is an opportunity for chapters to who have the space to recruit women outside of the formal recruitment process. Informal recruitment or COB can take place during the fall semester or directly after spring primary recruitment. The informal recruitment is a less formal process than Spring Primary Recruitment, typically not all chapters participate in informal recruitment.

All students that participate must have completed 12 units at USD or 24 transfer units, must have at least a 2.70 GPA or higher.

When is Primary Recruitment?

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment is January 21-26, 2020. It begins with potential new member orientation on January 21st and with bid day on January 26th.

Where does recruitment take place?

Recruitment events are held on campus in various locations including the UC Forums, Maher Hall, Serra Hall and Shiley Theatre. You will receive a booklet with location details during Recruitment Orientation. **If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility to Recruitment spaces, please contact the Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, DJ Mahoney at

How can I learn more information about USD's Panhellenic chapters?

There are currently nine sororities at the University of San Diego. Of these nine, there are seven Panhellenic sororities. Explore their history, present state, social medias, and local or national website's under their pages on our website here. Each woman will receive a booklet at orientation with additional information about each chapter. Also follow @usdpanhellenic on Instagram to keep with information about our seven Panhellenic chapters, our community and recruitment information.

Primary Recruitment Registration

How do I register for Spring 2020 Primary Recruitment?

Registration is now open! Register here: Make sure you read through our recruitment information section on our website to make sure you are all set for recruitment!

How much does it cost to register for recruitment? What do the costs cover?

Early Bird Rate is open and lasts until December 13th | $50 Regular Rate: December 14- January 6 | $65 Your student account will be charged in late January/early February. All women who register and are eligible for primary recruitment will be charged the recruitment fee based upon when they registered. The registration fee covers all costs associated with putting on primary recruitment including but not limited to printing and copying costs, training supplies for recruitment counselors, name tags, a t-shirt for all participants on day one, snacks, and the orientation speaker.

Why did I not pay when I registered?

Payment for registration takes place through your USD Student account. You will see this bill sometime in late January/early February. Pay this promptly similar to any other charges billed to your student account (Tuition, meal plan, etc.)

What do I do after I register? What comes next?

After you finish your Primary Recruitment registration, if you live on campus, you will want to apply for Intercession housing through Residential Life. Also, make sure you have completed all components of the MyStudentBody course through the AlcoholEdu & Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates. Once that is all done, you are set to go! Look out for e-mails from the Panhellenic Recruitment Team in early January.

Intersession Housing

When should I return to campus for recruitment?

Recruitment orientation begins Tuesday, January 21, 2019. We suggest that students return around 12pm to move back into the residence halls and settle in before the mandatory orientation and keynote speaker.

Can I move into the residence halls early?

Yes! You can register for Intercession Housing by visiting the Residential Life Portal. There is a flat rate fee of $100 for Potential New Members staying in the residence halls for recruitment from 1/21-1/26. Please register for housing via Residential Life. Students who live in Continuous Year Round Housing (Manchester Village, University Terrace Apartments, Presidio Terrace Apartment) do not need to apply for Intercession Housing, but will need to notify their Community Director that they will be returning to campus early.

Are dining options open during recruitment?

Yes. Intersession hours are posted at the end of the Fall semester on the Auxiliary Services Website.

Recruitment Registration

What are the requirements to participate in Primary Recruitment?

To participate in primary recruitment: All students must complete the recruitment registration form. All student must have completed 12 units at USD prior to the beginning of recruitment or 24 transfer units, must have at least a 2.70 GPA or higher. Complete the New Student Wellness Course: Any new first-year and transfer students enrolled after Spring 2018 need to complete AlcoholEdu & Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates prior to start of recruitment week. Any new first-year and transfer students enrolled at USD before Fall 2018, is required that you have completed and passed the My Student Body Essentials Course. If you did not complete this in the past, please contact the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion at for access to the newly updated wellness courses that you will be required to complete.

What is the GPA requirement to participate in recruitment?

A student must be a University of San Diego full time student (12 units) with a cumulative USD GPA of 2.70 or higher to be eligible for recruitment. Students must also have completed 12 units at the University of San Diego prior to the beginning of recruitment or 24 transfer units to be eligible for recruitment. Note that each chapter has their own GPA requirement that may be above 2.70. ***We check grades and units based on a report from the Registrar before recruitment registration closes. All grade changes or issues regarding grades must be discussed/reported to the Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, DJ Mahoney at no later than December 30, 2019 11:59:59pm. We do not take any Grade Exceptions.

Recruitment Conflicts

What if I'm taking Intersession courses, and have to miss an event due to class? Can I still go through recruitment?

Yes, you may still participate in recruitment. Please contact Kristen Reynolds, Panhellenic Advisor at with any conflicts or concerns about attendance for recruitment. No excuses will be accepted after 5pm on Thursday, Jan. 16th. If you are participating in a Second-Year Experience (SYE) trip, please contact Panhellenic Advisor, Kristen Reynolds ( with your return dates by 5pm on Thursday, Jan. 16th.

What if I'm an athlete and have a sports practice/game during recruitment?

Yes, you may still participate in recruitment. The recruitment counselors will collect intersession conflicts, and women will be excused for Athletics during potential new member orientation. Please contact Kristen Reynolds, Panhellenic Advisor at with any conflicts or concerns about attendance for recruitment. No excuses will be accepted after 5pm on Thursday, Jan. 16th.

More Recruitment Questions

What do I do about letters of recommendation?

Please visit the chapter's national website for information regarding letters of recommendation. Our USD Panhellenic team does not process these requests.

What should I wear during recruitment?

We want you to wear whatever you feel most confident and comfortable in during the recruitment process! We encourage you not to worry too much about what to wear, that is not important to us in the USD community. We care more about hearing who you are and getting to know you! Just keep in mind, you will be on your feet a lot so please wear comfortable shoes! Here are some simple guidelines/what to expects chapters to be wearing: Speaker and Orientation: Wear whatever you want - casual. You will just be meeting with your Recruitment Counselor and hearing a keynote speaker. Day 1: We will provide the recruitment t-shirt so wear the bottoms of your choice. Day 2 (Philanthropy): Chapters will be dressing in nicer casual wear. Day 3 (Sisterhood Day): Chapter will be dressing a bit nicer on this day. Day 4 (Preference Day): Most chapters will be wearing black or white dresses. So, this day we recommend dressing up a bit. Day 5 (Bid Day): We will provide a t-shirt from your new chapter! So, wear the bottoms of your choice and a neutral colored tank top. Check by soon on our website to see more examples.

How much are dues each semester?

New Member dues per chapter range. After the initial semester, active dues are less expensive and vary per chapter. All potential new members will be provided a booklets with a range of the cost for each chapter. Please review these thoroughly and reach out if you have any questions.

If I'm already a member of a sorority and transfer to USD, what do I do?

If you have been through the recruitment process at your previous institution and did not initiate into a National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority then you are eligible to take part in recruitment at USD and join another sorority. If you went through recruitment at another school and were initiated into a National Panhellenic Conference sorority, then you are not eligible to go through recruitment and join another NPC sorority. For more information, you can read through the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements online.

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