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Member Spotlight

Read about some of our Active Members' unique experiences in Panhellenic

Ella Beecher

Kappa Kappa Gamma (MC '22)
Major: Psychology Minors: Spanish & Nonprofit Management

Leadership Role(s):
My current leadership role is as the Panhellenic Delegate of Kappa Kappa Gamma. As the Panhellenic Delegate I get the opportunity to be the bridge between my chapter and our other incredible organizations on campus. Not only do I love the weekly meeting with the other Panhellenic Delegates, I love being able to share with my chapter other organizations passions, dreams, and goals for the semester. As a sophomore in a leadership position, what I love most about my role is the way in which I have created a family with not only girls in my sorority but in the greater Panhellenic community who share my same values and aspirations.

Favorite Memory with Kappa Kappa Gamma:

It is hard to choose just one memory that is my most favorite with KKG. From getting ready with my sisters for events or even picking up a sister from class when I see her walking home, it is the little moments that add up to create the immense love I have for my chapter. But, if I had to pick just one memory it would be our bid day celebration for the new member class of 2023. On our bid day we had every member of our chapter from the new MC to second semester seniors and even alumni celebrating the new beginnings for our chapter. It filled me with so much love and light to see the faces of our new members light up when meeting each other for the first time. It was a day filled with dancing,bouncy houses, laughter, tacos, and sunshine. This memory embodies what I love about being in Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Advice you would give to a PNM:
Starting the process of recruitment can be super scary, at least it was for me. But, if I could give advice to ease someone's fears it would be that everyone is looking to make you a part of the panhellenic community. There is an incredible group of women waiting for you to bring all of the special qualities that you have to their chapter. Look for people who will encourage you to be the best and most authentic version of yourself. Joining Panhellenic is not only about events and philanthropy, it is about creating a home at USD and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.
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Mia Soto

Pi Beta Phi (MC '21)
Behavioral Neuroscience Major & Changemaking Minor

Leadership Role(s):
My current leadership position within my chapter is Vice President of Inclusion, where my main focus is to cultivate an inclusive environment where every Pi Phi member feels welcome, supported, and knows they belong. I accomplish this by honoring the uniqueness of each member and advocating for an inclusive and equitable experience by influencing all aspects of chapter operations. My work also translates to the larger panhellenic community, where I learn from other chapter’s leadership teams on how to inspire diverse, equitable, and inclusive efforts across every chapter and build our personal knowledge, awa
reness and skills related to DEI to navigate all situations with empathy.

Favorite Memory with Kappa Alpha Theta:

My favorite memory in my chapter will always be recruitment and the days leading up to primary recruitment. Although many long hours were put into preparing for recruitment, I have never grown closer with my sisters and witnessed such dedication from my chapter. Getting to meet so many amazing PNMs over those few days was such a memorable experience. During recruitment last year, I met my amazing little who has become like a sister to me. Recruitment is such a special experience for everyone involved and I am grateful I had the opportunity to experience an in-person recruitment since I did not have the same opportunity when I went through primary recruitment.

Advice you would give to a PNM:
I did not go through recruitment until my sophomore year, so I already felt a little out of place alongside many first-year students. My advice to a PNM would be that you should always trust your intuition and the recruitment process to end up where you need to be. The decisions can be overwhelming, but know that in the end, each chapter goes to extensive lengths to create inclusive and loving communities for every kind of person. Remember to be your most authentic self and know that the right sorority for you will appreciate you for who you are!
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