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Membership Expectations

Joining a sorority is an investment in terms of time, energy, finances, and relationships.

Academic Investment

Panhellenic sororities encourage members to achieve high standards of academic excellence, engage in research opportunities and other intellectual pursuits, and maintain certain requirements related to minimum GPA and progressing towards degree completion. Sorority members are students first and foremost, so potential new members should ask questions about the academic expectations and how chapters support their members academically.

Time Investment

Many Panhellenic sororities hold a weekly meeting known as “chapter,” where the sorority can share information about upcoming programs and grow in sisterhood. Potential new members should ask questions about the time commitment before joining a sorority, such as learning about key calendar events, community programs, and expected participation in other meetings/initiatives.

Financial Investment

Membership dues cover many things such as national insurance, leadership development, chapter programming, and inter/national fees. The first semester of membership may cost more in comparison to following semesters due to one-time fees related to initiation, educational materials, and new member experiences. Potential new memberss should ask questions about membership costs before joining an organization in order to fully understand the financial expectations. Please visit the Membership Costs page for more information.

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