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Underrepresented in Panhellenic: Our Stories

Hi everyone! Delaney and MaDonna are here to give you some #realtalk on this Sunday! We have been wanting to share these stories for a while, and are excited that we get to share them today. Our hope is that we can show you this vulnerable side of us and inspire something in you. We hope that whether you are a PNM, active member, or just interested in this topic, that you can take something from our stories with you. Thank you for being apart of our story.


We thank you so incredibly much for reading this and perhaps learning more about identities in our community and a little bit of our ever-growing ever-transforming stories. THANK YOU to Panhellenic for letting us own who we are and supporting us. We hope with this we can continue to make change in this community and beyond. Please know that we are always here for you and are available should you want to talk more about topics brought up in this blog. We want to be a resource for you.

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